April 20th, 2007

Mur Lafferty

Today we speak with the Queen of Podcasts, Mur Lafferty. We discuss I Should Be Writing, Geek Fu Action Grip, Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy, and more! Remember your comments can be e-mailed to podiobookchat@gmail.com, or you can phone: (206) 984-1083.

Before the interview, give special thanks to Laura from The Coffee and Tea Podcast and Rocky Horror Picture Show for creating the new PodioBook Chat icon.

Thanks to Zagreus for pointing out my audio feed for episode 1 was wrong, hope your still listening to the podcast.

And thanks to Jack from Wander Radio, for blogging about the show, and thanks to the other shows (including: Sci-Fi Smack Down, The AndyCast) for playing our promos.

Next Week: Sam Chupp