April 3rd, 2008

S03EP5: Timothy Callahan

This marks the 1st Anniversary for PodioBook Chat (what PodioMedia Chat was called back then). Today we have a main interview, and a special interview that was recorded this morning!

The Main interview is with Timothy Callahan, author of Ida, Parsec Award Winning The Arwen, and its sequel The Arwen, Season 2: Ulliam.

The special Interview is with Scott Sigler, as we were parked at his hotel after doing the book and pub crawl for Los Angeles. Also present was Tabz of Buffy Between the Lines.

Next week we have April Sadowski, from Lady from Day

[EDIT: 4/6/08 @ 5:30 PM PDT some people informed me that the file became corrupted, and this was confirmed, so the file has been removed till I can re-upload it]

[EDIT: 4/6/08 @ 8:23 PM PDT file reuploaded.]