April 17th, 2008

S03EP7: Chris Lester

Originally we were supposed to be interviewing Basil Sands, but unfortunately had technical issues that prevented his interview to be released at this time.

Moving forward to the next person I had lined up, is Chris Lester of The Metamor City Podcast. We discuss his story, and a little as to how it came from: Metamor Keep. You can find all the stories he wrote, and see how much better of a writer he became, by looking here.

In episode 4 of this season, I interviewed Mark Jeffrey, who at the time was still debating if he was going to release Max Quick book 2 as a podiobook. Well he recently was J.C. Hutchins guest on UltraCreatives, and he announces that he is going to be releasing the book.

His book will be released on Podiobooks.com, you can learn more about the series of books by clicking here.