May 1st, 2008

PMCS03EP8: Basil Sands

In today’s episode, we chat with author Basil Sands. He writes military books, along the lines of Tom Clancy.

You can find his site by clicking here. I do apologize for the quality of the interview, I was using someone else’s hardware and I didn’t have it configured correctly.

This is also my first intro / outro with my new Mic! I’ve finally upgraded from the Logitech headset I was using, to a Blue Snowball. My first interview with this will be coming up soon!

This podcast is now a fortnightly podcast, as I’ve started working on other podcasts as well, and I need more time to produce the episodes now. My new podcast is a new steampunk podcast that will borrow heavily from Escapepod. You can find it at:

Next episode, we interview the Podosphere’s favorite (or is it favourite?) Kiwi, with her work Chasing the Bard.