May 23rd, 2022

New Show Coming

I was surprised at how many people are still subscribed to this show. However since you stayed subscribe you get first notice of my new show which is a spiritual successor to PodioMedia Chat. I do hope you enjoy it! You’ll be able to find it here.

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April 6th, 2009

PMC #55: Christof Laputka

Tonight with chat with Christof Laputka, who is the author of The Leviathan Chronicles. We talk about many different things including how he produces these episodes, as well as how he decided to do an Audio Drama. If you aren’t caught up with Leviathan Chronicles there may be spoilers. We do also briefly chat about […]

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September 27th, 2007

People I’ve met so far…

Currently at the Podcast and New Media Expo, here’s a list of the people I’ve met so far: Andy from the AndyCast, Dani Cutler, Matthew Wayne Selznick, Evo Terra, Tee Morris, Shelly Brisbane, CC Chapman, and I’m sure I’m missing some that I was hoping to meet, I’ve also met Seth Harwood, sometime during the […]

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August 7th, 2007


Since I changed the URL of the main site, I now need to re-claim it with Technorati. Their system doesn’t seem smart enough to recognize changes 🙁 Technorati Profile

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June 13th, 2007

Whose listening to the PBC?

Hi all, I’ve created a short 6 question survey for this podcast. You can find it at: Survey Monkey. I’m doing this to improve the interviews I give, and make it more enjoyable for you the listeners. In the comment question, please let me know if you enjoy this podcast or not, or what you […]

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March 26th, 2007

Pardon the dust…

Still setting up this podcast. So things may not look the greatest for a few more days. What will this podcast be about? It will be interviews with authors who are releasing their books via podcasts. Come and join in the fun!

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